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Waste tires that have outlived their usefulness are still useful if they are recycled. Here are 10 basic facts:
  1. Dumping waste tires is illegal! You can be arrested and prosecuted by local authorities.

  2. Waste tires create a public health hazard if not properly recycled. 

  3. Health hazards include fires that release toxic fumes. Plus, waste tires attract disease-carrying vectors, including mosquitoes, and can attract rats, snakes, and other dangerous pests.

  4. Recycling waste tires keeps them out of landfills and prevents public health hazards from hazardous waste.

  5. Recycled tires can be used for fuel in manufacturing.

  6. Recycled tires can provide the raw material for the re-manufacture of new rubber-based products.

  7. Ground-up tires can be used as mulch for landscaping, playground, football, and soccer fields.

  8. Recycled tires provide steel wire that can be recycled into new steel.

  9. Re-used waste tires are ideal for fill, embankments, and the prevention of soil erosion.

  10. In many states, recycled tires are used for rubber-modified asphalt.


Individuals may drop off four tires off the rim per month at a tire collection center FREE of charge. A $3 fee per tire will be charged for every tire over the four-tire limit. Dumping tires is illegal! Recycling tires is the right thing to do for you and your community. To properly dispose of tires so they can be recycled, please bring your four tires per month to a public collection center listed here.


To participate in the state’s waste tire recycling program, tire retailers must have a Waste Tire Number (WST#) and pay a monthly rim-removal fee to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DF&A). WST#s are provided by DF&A. With a WST#, retailers may haul waste tires to a collection center, or arrange for tires to be picked up at their place of business by a waste tire transporter. All tire retailers must fill out and sign a waste tire manifest that tracks tires picked up, transported, and processed. 

To download, view, and print a list of tire collection centers in Clay, Cleburne, Craighead, Crittenden, Cross, Faulkner, Fulton, Greene, Hot Spring, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Lawrence, Lee, Lonoke, Mississippi, Monroe, Poinsett, Prairie, Pulaski, Randolph, Saline, Sharp, St. Francis, Stone, White or Woodruff Counties, click here.

To locate your tire district click here:

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